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Pierre Mangeard grew up in Burgundy surrounded by his brother and sister who are passionate about music. His father, a drummer too, is a music lover fond of Afro-American music. The ties of filiation are powerful: Pierre Mangeard's boundless enthusiasm for the music of Great Jazzmen takes him away from school. He perfects his technique day and night!

As a teenager, he discovered the groovy raps of Naughty by Nature, B.i.G. and Tupac. He became interested in Jamiroquai's acid jazz. He also trained on Herbie Hancock, Steve Coleman. The careers of artists like James Brown or MJ fascinated him.

In 2008 he lands with his suitcases in Paris. Follows a career marked by various collaborations from Jazz (Hubert Dupont, Magic Malik etc.), Afro-groove ( Debademba, Toukouleur Orchestra), to Urban Latino with La Dame Blanche. He brings to these projects his personal touch and his contagious good humour.

Now an outstanding performer, he proudly presents the release of his

EP, "LE-ME-DOU-AI" a voice & drums extravagant project.

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